"I didn't know the ground would be this murky, especially now that I am permanently doing PIL in my line of work. I must say the programme clearly prepared me for the shocks, the pains, and sometimes the victories."
Kirunga Joyce
“The training as a whole was a remarkable process for me. I was schooled on the importance of being flexible as a social justice lawyer. What I learned was that I should not only work with like-minded parties only. I was reminded that it is equally important to ethically and professionally work with other diverse parties who may be supportive in dismantling injustices. These could be regulators, political figures, and others. The ultimate goal is to remain on course and for the benefit of the wider public with the highest level of integrity.”
Odur Anthony
“Before I joined the programme, I did not know how PIL can cause a major jurisprudential impact and contribution. I did not know that one PIL case can amend the law, cause for a policy formulation or reform or even bring about legislative change.”
Muganga Ambrose Ibabaza
“This training has planted a seed of knowledge within me. I am now able to analyse human rights issues more than before. The skills I acquired throughout the training will be very useful in my career as a human rights lawyer and advocate.”
Richard Mzule
“One thing I leave the training knowing is that preparation is key. Having passion to fight for a particular cause is not enough. You must be ready to make viable research that your pleadings clearly communicate to the judicial officer.”
Patience Gwennie
“This fellowship has added interest to an already existing passion for Public Interest Litigation. I am especially grateful to have learnt of the proceedings before the East African Court of Justice. I look forward to championing Democracy and Human Rights in South Sudan and the region as a whole.”
Elario Adam Cholong
South Sudan
"The training made me realize that public interest litigation is a process that involves several stakeholders and requires keen research and engagement of the community in the entire process."
Florence Otieno Achieng
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