Cohort 4

Rahom Maria Bukirwa, Uganda

Project: Public Interest Litigation case for judicial review challenging the imposition of tax on all diapers pursuant to section 8(a) of the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2023.

Young Boniface, South Sudan

Project: Access to education for pregnant school girls and lactating mothers.

Nampura Ronald, Uganda

Project: Human rights and Environmental degradation: Threats and violations to Zoka Forest Reserve

Grace Godfrey Ndera, Tanzania

Project: Challenging Section 36(4)(e) of the Economic and Organised Crimes Control ACT. Chapter 200

Nuru Jamal, Tanzania

Project: Spare the Rod and Teach the Child

Sumayyah Jarso Mokku, Kenya

Project: Community Land Rights in Kenya- prompt, just and full compensation of communities; Challenging the constitutionality of amended Sections 2,107(5A),107A of the Land Act (No. 6 of 2012)

Rosa Ojwang, Kenya

Project: Litigating the Legal Gaps in Guardianship Laws to Combat Human Trafficking of Persons with Disabilities in Kenya

Tryphone Rwezahura, Tanzania

Project: Challenging the Constitutionality of Sections 25, 31, 32A, and 34A of The Public Service Act, [CAP 298 R.E 2019] (Protection of the right to equal treatment before the law and the authority of the Court to dispense justice)

Babalanda Edmond, Uganda

Project: Conditions for grant of bail to refugees in Uganda

Juliet Kanyange, Uganda

Project: The Legal and Human Rights Implications of Prolonged Post-Committal Remand for Capital Offenders in Uganda

Victoria Mufumba, Uganda

Project: The Constitutionality of health training institutions' rules and regulations; Challenging mandatory pregnancy testing for students in tertiary institutions.

Dale Pascal, Kenya

Project: Adopting the mandatory publication of project environmental licenses

Elizabeth Ndyalusa, Tanzania

Project: Challenging the constitutionality of sections 6, 19(2)(c) and 20(1) of the Political Parties Act (CAP 258 [R.E 2019]) (Equality before the law (Right to Appeal), Freedom of Association and the Access to Justice).

Kuuku Amos, Uganda

Project: Challenging the unconstitutionality of cash bail condition in Uganda's criminal justice system

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