Cohort 3

February 2022 - January 2023

Nabbaale Tracy, Uganda

Project: Regulation of breastfeeding in workplaces

Ruth Ogolla, Kenya

Project: A constitutional petition challenging the irregular and illegal registration of Kenyans to Political Parties

David Leonce Ndika, Tanzania

Project: Promotion and protection of the Right to Access Information by Persons with Disabilities in Tanzania

Joan Ndossi, Tanzania

Project: Time limitation on the institution of labour disputes at the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration

Namugga Aisha, Uganda

Project: Challenging the violation of the right to a clean and healthy environment by GM Sugar Limited

Miriam Elisha Kassedy, Tanzania

Project: Challenging the constitutionality of Section 169A of the Penal Code, Cap 16 R.E 2022

Grace Mark Tusubira, Uganda

Project: Provision of alternative sources of livelihood for the fishing communities around Lake Wamala during the implementation of the closed fishing season.

Elario Adam Cholong Ohiri, South Sudan

Project title: Exclusion of cases in conflict with Human Rights from the Jurisdiction of Customary Courts

Lilian Olivia Orero, Kenya

Project: Petition challenging the implementation of the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) in Kenya

Kimbugwe Conrad Jeremy, Uganda

Project: Inclusive education for refugee children with disability and special needs.

Achola Elizabeth Brenda, Uganda

Project: PIL Case compelling the Government of Uganda to provide free Menstrual Hygiene Products to Primary and Secondary school-going girls in Uganda

Leah Aoko Kanyangi, Kenya

Project: Right of refugees to access public and private services in Kenya

Gaudence Akinyi Were, Kenya

Project: Promoting and protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Achellam Emannuel, Uganda

Project: Public interest litigation case against Tororo Cement in Karamoja for environmental degradation and non-payment of compensation to the host communities in Moroto district.

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